About Rep. Joel Kretz

Joel is a lifelong Washingtonian who grew up on Mercer Island and now makes his home in Wauconda, in Okanogan County where he raises horses and cattle.

Joel attended Green River Community College and Olympic Community College before moving to Eastern Washington to live and work off the land. He has been involved with the Okanogan Farm Bureau, National Rifle Association and Coalition for Property Rights.

His legislative priorities are private-sector job creation and responsible land management. Northeast Washington has lagged behind other counties with high unemployment rates. He believes the best way to get people back to work is to get government out of the way of job creators, which will boost individual and family incomes, providing adequate resources for the core functions of government.

People working on the land have always been true conservationists, since their livelihoods depend on healthy animals and the environment. Joel wants to see the state be responsible with its resources, focused on maintaining current resources of state land and being responsive to citizens who live, work and recreate in and near state lands.

Joel’s experience as the long-time former Deputy Minority Leader has allowed him to be involved in budget and other high-level policy negotiations across the aisle. He continues to advocate for the unique needs and values of rural Washington and to fight for a smaller, smarter government.