Kretz receives ‘Business Star Award’

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Kretz receives ‘Business Star Award’

Annual award honors legislators who take an active role in protecting, supporting employers


The Business Institute of Washington honored Rep. Joel Kretz with a Business Star Award on June 2 for his strong support of employers during the 2009 legislative session.

“We need a strong private-sector job market if we want to pull our economy up,” said Kretz, deputy leader of the House Republicans. “Healthy employers create and retain jobs, and that's what our district is depending on. The 7th District has some of the higher unemployment rates in the state, so whatever I can do to help folks get back to work and assist our hard-working business owners keep their doors open, I am willing to do.”

Kretz added that the unemployment insurance rate fix legislation he supported, Senate Bill 5963, was a major victory for Washington's employers. The legislation ensures employers will no longer be overtaxed for unemployment insurance payroll taxes. He also co-sponsored House Bill 1730, which will jump start the state's Office of Regulatory Assistance that aims to help small businesses navigate state agency rules and regulations.

“I worked to make sure communication lines were open to strengthen relationships across the aisle and across political interest groups,” said Kretz. “I also focused on improving grassroots business involvement on issues such as 'cap and trade' in which we had CEO's alongside employees and unions, working to stop costly new taxes and regulations on employers. We even got a few Democrats to side with us to stop the cap and trade legislation once they figured out it was a job-killer.”

The next step to strengthen private sector job growth, Kretz said, is to begin removing regulatory barriers and streamline state agencies. He believes more innovation comes about when government gets out of the way of businesses' creativity and ingenuity.

The 2009 Business Stars were selected for their work in support of a strong private sector during this year's legislative session, with their keen recognition that a healthy business community creates jobs and fuels Washington's economy. Legislators were evaluated on their ability to support and champion good, pro-business legislation that will ultimately benefit the economy, particularly in these difficult economic times.

“Entrepreneurs risk their capital to create jobs and make our communities stronger, and the least I can do is stick my neck out for them when they need me,” said Kretz, R-Wauconda. “I also have to thank the Business Institute for bringing in a constant stream of private-sector employers to educate legislators on critical issues throughout the session.”

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