Taxpayers on the hook for $20k-per-day tab to give Democrats time to increase taxes

Kretz calls 2010 legislative session a 'complete failure of leadership'

In a move that is sure to infuriate taxpayers, legislative Democrats have neglected to finish their work on the state budget during the scheduled 60-day legislative session. The governor announced she will bring legislators back to Olympia for a special session in order raise taxes by nearly $1 billion. The per-day cost to taxpayers for a special session is roughly $20,000. House Republican Deputy Leader Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, had harsh words for the Democrats' lack of planning and leadership:

“This is an example of the complete failure of leadership in Olympia. While this was a short session, only 60 days, the budget problems were laid on the table early last December – plenty of time to craft a plan when we arrived in Olympia on January 11. Democrats, who hold massive majorities in the Legislature and the governor's office, have dragged their feet on anything resembling government reform, spending cuts and private-sector job creation. Because of this inaction, taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill for the $20,000 per-day cost of the special session while Democrats decide how much to raise our taxes.

“This is the worst possible time in our economic cycle to burden citizens, many of whom are unemployed, with a more expensive government and higher taxes. The inaction by the governor and her party is nothing short of a dereliction of duty and is an embarrassment to the institution.

“We knew the budget challenges we were facing when we arrived in Olympia, but each day I and my House Republicans colleagues rolled up our sleeves and offered solutions and ideas to balance the budget without new or higher taxes along with our pro-jobs package aimed at putting people back to work. Instead of putting our many hands and minds to work on ways to get our economic engine going again, they closed the doors on us and committed taxpayers to the failed budgeting tactics used last year and nearly $1 billion in tax increases.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications