Rep. Joel Kretz honored as ‘Outstanding Legislator’ by Washington’s leading small business group

Rep. Joel Kretz this year received the “Outstanding Legislator” award from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Washington's leading association of Main Street employers. Kretz received the coveted award due to his efforts on behalf of small businesses over the biennium and his 100 percent voting record with the group.

“This award is a huge honor because small businesses are the backbone of our economy. I respect entrepreneurs because they put everything on the line with the goals of creating good-paying jobs and products that are second to none. They don't want a government hand-out; they want government to get out of the way so they can do what they do best – create jobs and foster individual prosperity,” said Kretz, deputy leader for the Washington House Republicans. “It's the mom-and-pop shops that keep our communities vibrant and support our schools, parks and critical local services. My door is always open to small employers and they can count on my continued support of their issues.”

Every even-numbered year, the NFIB publishes its two-year voting record, which outlines how each legislator voted on bills related to key issues impacting small businesses in the state. This year, the NFIB based its support of legislators like Kretz on votes taken on 12 bills in the House and 10 bills in the Senate during the 2009 and 2010 sessions.

“Small-business owners look at what legislators actually do, not just what they say. That's why our members chose Rep. Joel Kretz as one of only two Washington state lawmakers to receive the 'Outstanding Legislator' award for the 2009 and 2010 sessions,” said Patrick Connor, Washington State Director for the National Federation of Independent Business. “While small-business owners are working harder than ever in this economy, they still find the time keep their eyes and ears on their elected officials. More than anything, small employers expect their legislators to give them straight talk and follow through on efforts to help retain and create jobs. Rep. Kretz is our go-to guy in the House of Representatives because he always makes himself accessible and understands the unique challenges facing small businesses. He's a problem-solver and true champion for Washington's largest job creator -– small business.”

The Wauconda Republican noted that entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of the 7th Legislative District.

“I truly believe the only way to turn our economy around, particularly in rural parts of the state like ours, is to cut the government red tape that is tying the hands of small-business owners and to reduce their tax burden so that company resources can be put toward hiring employees, not filling state coffers,” Kretz concluded.

Formed in 1943, the NFIB is the nation's largest advocacy organization representing small and independent businesses.

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