Kretz concerned state Supreme Court ruling opens door to tax increases

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Kretz concerned state Supreme Court ruling opens door to tax increases

The state Supreme Court today struck down the voter-approved requirement of a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to increase taxes. Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, was disappointed with the ruling, noting that the 7th District passed the most recent ballot measure, Initiative 1185, reinstating the supermajority vote provision with 75 percent approval. Voters statewide passed Initiative 1185 with 64 percent approval. He issued the following statement:   “Today's ruling took a sledgehammer to the firewall taxpayers have repeatedly put in place over the past twenty years. Taxpayers have been clear – they want some protection against those who support ever-growing and more expensive state government. We constantly see paid lobbyists in Olympia representing special interest groups that want more taxpayer money for their social programs. However, taxpayers don't have a lobbyist. That's why they support a high bar, and I would say reasonable benchmark, to increase taxes. The supermajority requirement to take more from their paychecks was the only safeguard between them and the big spenders in the Legislature. Unfortunately, today's ruling made it easier to pass new and higher taxes on already-struggling citizens and employers.   “Without a constitutional amendment requiring a supermajority vote to increase taxes, hard-working Washingtonians will have virtually no protection from Olympia.”   To read more about House Republicans' proposal to put the two-thirds requirement in the House rules, visit:

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