Rep. Joel Kretz ruminates on one-party leadership

Legislator: Rep. Joel Kretz
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Is it possible that leadership in the state of Washington has become entrenched?  Joel Kretz, a Republican lawmaker at the statehouse is expressing concerns about disarray at the agency level.  And he says it points to a much bigger problem.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson: The Republican from Wauconda says the Department of Corrections' scandal is just one piece of evidence:  there is mismanagement, he says, at the agency level in Washington state.  And Kretz says the reason is clear: a culture that has developed as a result of prolonged single party control.  He says three-and-a-half decades with a Democrat in the governor's mansion can't be good for agency accountability.

Kretz: “I don't think either party should be in control of the executive branch that long.  It develops narcissistic situations, and nobody ever leaves or is held accountable.  They're just recycled to another agency.”

Johnson: Kretz, who made the comments at a Republican press briefing, says the culture that develops when one party remains dominant too long is negative for Washington. 

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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