Capitol Report with Rep. Joel Kretz

Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, talks with Capitol Report about two pieces of legislation that he believes will alleviate problems concerning wildfires.  One, House Bill 2765, addresses restrictions on park rangers, who often have no jurisdiction to act when problems involving law enforcement occur.  To better explain, Kretz used the example of wildfire danger.  Park rangers, who could provide assistance during fires, often find their hands tied due to state regulations.  HB 2765 would give them more authority.

The Republican lawmaker also discussed a bill that would allow for more days in which controlled burns can take place to thin forested areas and eliminate ladder fuels.  In addition, he talked about a recent meeting with Governor Jay Inslee concerning the wildfire problems in Washington state.  Kretz advised that the meeting, which began well, quickly became bogged down into a discussion about climate change.


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