Governor signs Rep. Kretz’s bill for forest resiliency burning

Rep. Joel Kretz's bill regarding forest resiliency burning was signed into law Thursday by Gov. Jay Inslee. House Bill 2928 ensures any air quality restrictions placed on outdoor burning does not impede measures necessary for prescribed burns for forest resiliency efforts.

Kretz says the process of forest resiliency burning mimics the natural cycle of a wildfire and helps reduce the threat and fuels of a catastrophic fire.

“After the worst fire season on record in Okanogan County, I knew we needed to act this session to bring forward legislation to improve our forest health and reduce our risk of further catastrophic wildfires,” said Kretz, R-Wauconda. “What most people don't realize is that fire is essential for the natural health of our forests. Forest resiliency burning is good land management in conjunction with proper thinning methods. My bill marks progress in our efforts to protect our forests and the environment, while avoiding devastating wildfires in the future.”

Forest resiliency burning is carried out by professionals in order to maintain ecosystems, mitigate wildfire potential, decrease forest insect or disease susceptibility, or otherwise enhance the resiliency to fire.

Kretz's bill will go into effect late this year.


Washington State House Republican Communications