Reps. Kretz and Maycumber again elected to leadership positions by legislative peers

Kretz elected to Deputy Leader position, Maycumber to serve as Floor Leader

In an online meeting this week, Washington State House Republicans once again elected Representatives from Washington's 7th Legislative District to serve in senior leadership positions within their caucus.

Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, was chosen to be Deputy Leader, a position he has held for the past 14 years.  The Deputy Leader helps serve as a spokesperson for the caucus, monitors legislation through the committee process, meets with committee ranking members, helps set the caucus priorities and agenda, and meets with the governor, stakeholders and other high-ranking government officials in support of the Republican caucus agenda.

“I appreciate the support of my fellow legislators and the trust they have in me to advocate on their behalf,” said Kretz, who will begin his ninth term in office.  “They know I'm going to fight for them, their bills and their priorities.  The trust they have in me is a reflection of the hardworking men and women in the 7th Legislative District who don't know the meaning of the word 'quit' – who work hard every day to support their families and make their communities safer and more prosperous.”

Amidst rumors of a remote or “hybrid” 2021 session because of COVID-19 concerns, Kretz reiterated his desire to be in Olympia representing his constituents.

“Look, I'm probably in one of the highest risk categories for this virus,” said Kretz.  “But I know what I signed up for and it entails me being in Olympia every day during the 2021 session fighting for my constituents and working to solve the significant financial and economic problems facing our state.

“Additionally, the internet access I have where I live in the mountains is fickle at best.  The logistics of trying to sponsor bills, go through parliamentary procedures, give floor speeches, offer up amendments, meet with legislators, government officials, stakeholders and constituents – all the things we do during session – shouldn't be left to the whims of spotty internet access.  We all need to be in Olympia when the 2021 session starts and the citizens that elected us need to have access to us and see us working on their behalf,” said Kretz.

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, was elected Floor Leader for the second consecutive term.  The Floor Leader is responsible for developing strategy and leading floor debate on legislation, initiates and responds to parliamentary actions, meets with House and Senate leaders to coordinate strategy, and oversees the caucus agenda and messaging development.  She will serve as one of the primary spokespersons for the caucus on a wide array of issues.

“I'm humbled to be chosen as Floor Leader once again by elected leaders from around the state,” said Maycumber.  “Legislators know I will work across the aisle without compromising our core values to get their solutions through the legislative process.  The experiences I've had as a law enforcement officer, an elected school board member, a rancher, and mother will assist me as I fight for my legislative colleagues, just as I fight every day for my constituents and our communities.  Being in an elected leadership position allows me to bring the values, principles and priorities of the 7th Legislative District to the table when strategies are being debated, solutions are being discussed and decisions are being made.”

Maycumber also expressed the need for an immediate special session to assist small business owners on the brink of closure, to address the state budget deficit, and the impending economic crisis.

“The governor wants to wait until March or April when the next biennial budget is finalized to address our state's pressing financial needs,” said Maycumber.  “But we have families and small businesses who need help now, not this spring.  They won't survive that long.  The governor has been making all his decisions and decrees in a vacuum without input from the Legislative branch.  We need an immediate special session to give voice to the voiceless and to advance practical solutions that come from every corner of the state and every constituency, not just Olympia and the West side.”

The Washington State House Republicans also elected the rest of their leadership team:

Additional leadership positions and House committee assignments will be announced at a later date.

The 2021 legislative session will begin January 11 and is scheduled to run 105 consecutive days.


Washington State House Republican Communications