Radio Report: Longtime Rep. Joel Kretz will not be returning to the Legislature next year

As the 2024 legislative session ends Thursday, a longtime northeast Washington Republican lawmaker says he will not be returning to the Legislature next year. John Sattgast reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SATTGAST: Representative Joel Kretz of Wauconda has served the 7th District for 20 years, a good portion of that as Deputy Leader for the House Republican Caucus. But there’s new leadership and he wants to leave while he’s still on top and healthy.

KRETZ: “It’s been a hard decision. I think it’s important in this job or any job to know when to quit, and I’ve watched legislators who didn’t. And it doesn’t end well.”

Kretz says it’s time to return to his beloved Bodie Mountain for good where he raises horses and cattle.

KRETZ: “Really like to spend some more time with my wife. But I’ve got things on the ranch I want to do. And that kinda seems to be taking more of a priority for me than the legislative work.”

SATTGAST: Kretz, a conservative, has forged strong relationships, even with lawmakers at the Capitol who hold opposite views.

KRETZ: “My beliefs haven’t changed. That’s maybe one of the biggest lessons is I’ve learned that there’s good people with different beliefs. And some of the best relationships I’ve got are in this building.”

SATTGAST: Kretz says he’ll miss staff and legislators, but it’s time to return to his private life in Okanogan County when his term expires in January.

John Sattgast, the state Capitol.


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